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“Kuroko no Basuke Drama Theater 1st Games”

In which Midorima, Kise and Kuroko had a competition to see who is the best at telling scary stories and it’s Kuroko’s turn.

Kise: Sweet! Alright, Kurokocchi, Kagamicchi, one of you has to go next!

Kagami: L-like I said, I don’t know any scary stories. Kuroko, it’s up to you.

Kuroko: Again? I’ve been wondering this for a while, but do you not like scary stories, Kagami-kun?

Kagami: Y-you idiot! I just ain’t interested in scary stories! I’m not…I’m not scared, damn it!

Kuroko: Really? Well, here’s my story, then. [cue creepy music] At my elementary school, there was an old well in the corner of the schoolyard. For safety reasons, it was sealed tightly with a cover. But one day, a sixth-year student saw that the cover was open.

Kagami: Hah. I bet there were letters in it or something. (Note: Kise’s scary story involves his fangirl letters and Kagami is making a references here)

Kuroko: Kagami-kun, you don’t put letters in a well.

Kagami: Then why was it open?

Kuroko: I don’t know. He thought it was strange, so he closed the cover on the well and started to leave. But then he heard an odd rattling noise from somewhere behind him.

Kagami: ?! I bet it was just settling.

Midorima: Kagami. Wells don’t creak.

Kagami: T-then what was it?

Kuroko: He spun around and looked at the well. The cover was open again.

Kagami: W-why?!

Kuroko: He was shocked, but he didn’t scream. Before he knew it, black hair had appeared out of nowhere and smothered his mouth. And then, right behind him— [pulls a scary face]

Kagami: [screams bloody murder]

Tsuchida: Ka-Kagami! Warn us before you scream like that! I almost had a heart attack!

Kagami: B-but—! Kuroko—!

Kuroko: Did I do something?

Kagami: W-what kind of story was that?!

(If you wondered who won, it’s Kagami. That’s because his scream scares everyone).

Translation credit: grimmfeather

Audio credit: X

Shouyou Hinata - Haikyuu!! Episode 16
"The more Hinata shines, the more he blinds the defence."

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Thinking back, we’ve never had a father-son chat before. I was raised by parents to be an assassin. And I raised you the same way. You and I are different. I didn’t realise that until you left home. You are my son. But you are your own person. Live as you please. If you get tired, you can come home. 

Bleach Chapters | 116 vs 290 vs 521

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